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the bi disc circle project

The circle is a fundamental shape in art, and it has a number of uses and associations.

One of the most basic uses of the circle is as a geometric form. Circles can be used to create a sense of unity or continuity, as they have no beginning or end. They can also be used to create a sense of balance or stability, as they are symmetrical and evenly distributed.

In terms of symbolism, the circle is often associated with the idea of completeness or wholeness. It can represent the cyclical nature of life, as well as concepts such as infinity or the divine.

A Chinese bi disc is a type of ancient Chinese artifact made of jade. It is circular in shape and has a hole in the center. Bi discs were used in ancient China as a symbol of authority and status, and they were often given as gifts to signify respect or honor.

Jade bi discs are typically carved from a single piece of jade and are highly prized for their beauty and rarity. They were often used in burial ceremonies and were believed to have protective and spiritual powers.

The design of a jade bi disc is typically quite simple, with the surface carved with a series of concentric circles or other decorative patterns. The center hole is often surrounded by a raised rim or flange, and the edges of the disc may be carved with a series of notches or scallops.

Overall, the jade Chinese bi disc is a beautiful and significant artifact that reflects the cultural and artistic traditions of ancient China.


Neolithic Jade Bi Disc

A silkscreen experiment with the bi disc shape in an attempt to link it conceptually with my other work depicting meditations on particle physics. This should prove a rich pictorial source for further development.

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